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So…how about that Ben Stein…

Ben Stein (Yeah, that one) coming to the defense of Dominique Strauss-Kahn because economists don’t have a record of sexual crimes AND he has had maids steal from him in the past…therefore…the maid is probably lying.
Long story short:

Rikers is no place to put an important person like Kahn, maids are notorious thieves, economists don’t commit violent sex crimes, unless Kahn had a knife or a gun he couldn’t have forced sex on the maid, and this is a case of the “have nots” trying to get back at the “haves”.


List put together by James Urbaniak of economists who have been convicted of sex crimes:

Strange how the guy smart enough to be a speech writer for a president (Nixon) but dumb enough to promote creationism (and partially blame evolution for the Holocaust) could be this off the mark.  Yes, Kahn could be innocent.  But no, character assassination of the accuser proves nothing except women around Mr. Stein should make sure they only get attacked by guys with weapons if they want  Ben to believe them.